1. Para1-2
    1. Family ties are maintained across national boundaries.(para1)
    2. Immigration causes two different family life:
      1. Integration/bicultural
      2. Assimilation
  2. Para3-8 From general to specific
    1. Cultural background,social and economic circumstances,and the legal system create an integrated or bicultural family.(para3)
      1. example:cultural background:seeking a marital partner from the home country.
    2. Values:Young immigrants vs their parents;women vs men,may incorporate Western values.(para4)
    3. Legal system:certain cultural system May act as illegal.(para5)
    4. Economic circumstances shape family life:Altering traditional patterns of authority in the family.(para6)
      1. Husband &wife
      2. The elderly &The younger
    5. Economic viability:To find financial sponsor,switch from kinship to family in-law.(para7)
    6. Family or ethnic business:viewed as an optimal solution for new immigrants who have difficulty obtaining employment in nonethnic labor markets that require language fluency and other language.(para8)
      1. Mutual support:the children &their parents
    7. Economic influences in immigrated family life
  3. Para9
    1. Similarities across the ethnically diverse waves of immigrants.
      1. Similar motivations (economic and war dislocations)
      2. Common experiences:cultural differences,resulting in discrimination,exclusion and so on.
      3. Cultural conflicts:between generations and within one's beliefs.
      4. The success of immigrants.
      5. The similar processes of becoming part of the new country.